Control your data

How API’s keep your data safe

As a company, you don’t want to make the headlines with a security breach. Data being one of the most valuable company assets, they require strong protection. And guess what: this crucial task should not solely rest with the IT people.


Customer data, payment information, intellectual property… all are today’s gold. And gold has always attracted prying eyes and malicious intent. As the majority of companies use APIs, their information is vulnerable. What solutions are there? You can leave it all up to the IT people, invest in expensive security experts or… choose an integration platform instead.

Take control with an integration platform

Who has access to your data? How and when do they consume that data? Being in control means that you have insight and the ability to restrict access when necessary. Leaving that all up to the IT-department increases their workload, when the work should be done by security experts given the complexity of the matter.

And that is a big cost indeed. However there is an alternative. An integration platform does not only take away some of the strain on IT. It ensures that the security policies in place are up-to-date and effectively decrease the risk of losing data. These are some common measures you can take when using APIs:

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TLS encryption

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End-to-end encryption

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Automated API policies

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Standardized API access

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JSON/XML threat protection

These solutions can help you as a company focus on the governance of your data and enhance the efficiency of your organization.

Control Your Data

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